Manufacturing Facilities

The manufacturing Unit is situated at IDA, Cherlapally, one of the best industrial zone in India surrounded by greeneries to protect the Environment. The Land area is around 2500 Square Yards. The facility is well equipped with machinery to meet current manufacturing capacity of 25 metric tons per month.The manufacturing unit is well equipped inhouse facility with all types of equipment/ machines, instruments and supporting services like HVAC system for processing pellets. The manufacturing facility is certified with GMP certificate for its practices from state drug control administration.

Research and Development

Research is a primary focus at Rashmi Pharma Pvt. Ltd. with numerous initiatives targeting both identified market opportunities and the challenges. Addressing these goals, the focus is to ensure the products are cost effective, safe to handle and with best quality.

Rashmi Pharma has a dedicated and infrastructural R&D. The Company's investment in research over the past years has been significantly increased.